The Rainbow Bridge Medium

About The Rainbow Bridge Medium

Namaste and Welcome!

My name is Dr. Sushma D.A. Hallock, I am an Intuitive Animal Communicator.

From my perspective I am a translator.  I am able to create an energetic connection between your animal companion and yourself. I can hear, feel and see what your beloved friend would like to share with you. I am dedicated and committed to the preservation and respect for all animal life. For your comfort, I am a loss and grief specialist.

I have worked with clients from all over the world—England, Australia, Sweden, Holland, and Canada. I am looking forward to making more connections!

For a reading I will need:

  • a picture
  • your animal companion’s name
  • whether your beloved is here or if they have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

I will connect to set up a date and time, whether it is a zoom session (not recorded) or an email session. You will receive a pdf of the reading for you to have whenever you would like to refer to it.

To book an appointment send an email to:

When we open ourselves to animals…we open our hearts and souls to true wonders.

Ted Andrews


Darryl R.

I was so pleased to be able to participate in your event…Before you began I was skeptical of gaining any specific information. Your astounding skill was proved beyond a doubt to me. It was the most amazing experience I have had in almost 40 years since I lost my dog and close companion. How you immediately knew very specific things that I had never told anyone…Things that were part of the very foundation of my relationship with my German Shepard. I very highly recommend this experience for anyone that wants to connect or reconnect to your beloved pet on a deeper level!

Sarah S.

Having a reading with Sushma and your pet is a magical and unbelievable experience!! Sushma immediately connected with my dog’s personality and energy and tapped into things that she never could’ve known about otherwise! She addressed topics/concerns I raised and her thoughts made complete sense knowing what I know about my buddy! It was clear that Sushma connected with the love between Oliver and I and was able to verbalize and represent this in a beautiful way. I will treasure this experience and recommend to all!

Karen C.

Sushma has this contagious positive energy and she literally sparkles! She deeply connected with my sweet dog, Grommit, and really helped me understand him in powerful new ways. I’m so thankful I’ve met her and that she is using her gifts and talents so beautifully. She is so much fun and the experience was informative and enjoyable! 5/5 stars! (because she is a rock star!)

Mindy F.

Wow wow wow! This morning was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had in my life. She was able to channel my dog Bailey in her last days and give us so much peace hope and validating evidence that is really helping us with the healing process. We actually spoke to our dog directly! I cannot even thank you enough! What a gift to be able to channel your dog before she goes to the other side of the rainbow bridge. I highly recommend Sushma Devi! Book your appts now because once people find out about this, you will never get one!

Thank you so much for a beautiful reading with Bailey. Such confirmation that she really isn’t a dog lol. She is so connected to spirit. Such a professional reading, I highly recommend!

Who I can help?

I am able to work with animal companions who are present or who have crossed over to the spirit world. Each session is unique like the animal companion I work with.


Zoom Readings

I work with a picture and the name of your pet. I will then “tune in” energetically to your pet and share the information that I am receiving.

30 min $80
45 min $120

Email Readings

You will email a picture and name of your pet. I will “tune in energetically” and write everything that I am receiving from your fur baby and any guidance for you the fur parent.

30 min $80

Note: Zoom sessions are not recorded. Payments are via Paypal or Venmo when we agree on the appointment time. Terms are subject to the Disclaimer.  Sessions are for entertainment purposes only.

Gift Certificates

If you have a friend or family member who has lost a pet and believe they would benefit from one of my readings, why not buy a gift certificate for them?

Please choose a 30 or 45 minute gift and provide the name of the recipient. It will be delivered by email for you to print or send onwards by email as you wish. Certificates are non transferable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

New Book Coming Soon!

I have great pleasure in announcing that Paws and Purpose is coming soon. It features one of my inspiring animal tales of healing and transformation. This anthology is one to read yourself or gift any pet lover.

paws and purpose by Dr Sushma Hallock